iGlue is designed to "wikify" web pages, enhancing them with a rich layer of multimedia information.


iGlue is an integrated online content manager and search engine that goes beyond today’s widespread, language-dependant search mechanisms based on identifying character strings. iGlue identifies and manages entities, not keywords. Whether he is called Alejandro Magno, Nagy Sándor or Lissandru lu Granni, these names all refer to the same person: Alexander the Great, and most likely we would like to find information about the person himself. This is the principle iGlue uses to manage entities appearing in web content, and it will find relevant information even if the given element appears in a form that is different from what we used in launching the search.


  • $550k by Undisclosed InvestorsMay, 2010
  • $300k by Power of the Dream VenturesJanuary, 2009
  • $250k by Power of the Dream VenturesSeptember, 2007

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