Hungarian Startup Survey 2016

About the Survey and the Startup Panel of the Hungarian Innovation Association are conducting a research to identify trends and challenges affecting Hungarian technology startups. Help us improve the legal and administrative environment by participating in our survey!

The survey is also part of a collaboration of the Visegrad 4 countries in a wider study titled Visegrad Startup Survey. Based on data collected via national surveys, two reports will be prepared outlining main trends, challenges and possible areas for legislative improvements: one pertaining to Hungary and one comparing the Visegrad coutries.

In order to submit your tech startup's data to our survey we kindly ask you to grant us access to some of the basic information of your LinkedIn profile. By doing so you agree that we can store your data and project information in our database.

Our privacy policy is clear and simple. We keep all your answers completely confidential, use them only for research, and will never give or sell your data to third parties.

Participating Startups

We would like to thank the following startups for contributing to our research by taking part in our survey.

10xOne, ACHROS HealthTech, Aero Glass, Apptalk Ninja, Atmosplay, Automizy, AXS Motionsystem, Battlejungle, Beeem, BeeRides, Blaudio, BOOKR Kids, Brewie, Building Patterns, CeeCommerce, ChimeIn, CloudStorm, Commsignia, CryptTalk, Cubilog, DO3D, Easyling, EDMdesigner, edUcate, Enbritely, Everrip, Flatview, GrantedBy.Me, Gravity R&D, GWS Hub (SSC Heroes), HeatVentors, Laborom, Localization Guru, Ma este Színház!, MathXplain, Maven 7, MiniCRM, Mobilengine, Moow, MotoGlobe, Multipass Solutions, mySIGHTin, Neticle, Nostromo, OnePrice,, OptiMonk, OptoForce, Philament, Picturio, Post2Me, Private Sentinel, PublishDrive, Pulmoment, Quantified Company, RateMate, Recycling Market, Rocketside, ROIminer, Route4U, Samebug, Shapr3D, Shoka, Slamby, Smark, SmartMobileVision, Soldigo, SpringTab, StatzUp, StoriesOnBoard, su3Doku, Superpowered, Syncee, Talk-a-Bot, Tresorit, TruckIN, UniGifter, Webshippy, Whitereport Mediabrowser, Xeropan, Yummber, Zeno, ZiteBoard