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Startups from Hungary

3G Multimedia

3G Multimedia provides turnkey white label music streaming solutions. Turnkey includes legal services, content provision and end-to-end technology solutions.


We develop computer vision-based software for advanced and cost-effective driver assistance and semi-autonomous driving.

Aero Glass

Augmend Reality navigation for aircraft pilots using Smart Glasses

All You Can Stock

Worldwide marketplace for royalty free stock photography, illustration and art.


The ANGL application enables users to broadcasts live video streams and to distribute it to the smartphone user community.


Antavo is a promotion application builder platform for marketers.

Apptalk Ninja

Apptalk Ninja helps mobile developers to motitor and debug comminucation between their applications and hardware devices.


Email personalization at scale for SaaS software and Mobile apps.


Bandalizer is an analytics service designed for Bandcamp users. Bandalizer gives you a better overview on your statistics and helps your reach out to more fans.


Battlejungle offers automatic, neverending team buildings for companies.


Be-novative offers a social brainstorming app that inspires and collects creative early stage ideas from diverse groups to drive innovation and go to market faster.


BitNinja is an integrated server security solution for web hosting and cloud computing companies.


BlueBulb is a light bulb that you can use in a standard socket and can be controlled from your phone via Bluetooth. You can adjust the color and the brightness of the lighting.


Boadree focuses on building secutity software and providing online services to their partners, their clients range from small enterprises to corporate giants of various industries.


BoatForRent Inc is a global marketplace for boat rentals. It offers opportunities for boat owners to make money by renting out their boats, and travelers to find a great boat for rent.


Bookbox is the first e-book producer company in Hungary that creates professional quality e-books for publishers.


BOOKR Kids is an easy-to use educational interactive library app for kids.


BrandVee is a social targeting tool, that identifies the most engaged users on a company’s community on social media, who are ready to become a paying customer.


BrandVocat is a website that allows B2C companies to crowdsource their marketing to individuals.


Brickflow is an app to develop, discuss and tell multimedia stories on a shared whiteboard. With Brickflow, building multimedia stories becomes easy and playful.


A revolutionary communication platform and tool that creates perfect synergy between the most often used communication channels and methods.


Cantio lets you browse millions of tracks, find your favorite artists and songs, create playlists, share them with your friends and family and much, much more.


Capturly is a software tool for studying user behavior on your website. Among other features it allows you to record your users real-time, meaning a new level of customer analyzing.


Cellum Group is a leading developer of mobile payment applications in Europe. Its innovations make purchases via mobile phones easier and more secure.

Cloud Deck

CloudDeck is a music service that explores music blogs looking for SoundCloud tracks. Just enter your favorite music genre on the Spotlight tab and it finds you relevant music.


Codie is a smartphone programmable robotic toy, which teaches kids coding and logical thinking.


We make cars talk to each other to make traffic more safe and efficient.

Content 2 Connect

Content 2 Connect is the first Central Eastern European e-book aggregator. We provide publishers with e-book conversion, and instant access to new distribution channels.


CryptTalk is a secure communication service - we make your phone call secure and protect you from any interception.


Cubilog’s IOTREE solution allows small and medium sized farms, greenhouses to create their own monitoring and automation system, increase their efficiency and profitability


CX-Ray is an online service that measures collaboration within an organisational structure and makes it visible and shows its evolution.


Daazo is an online network for hosting professional short films. Daazo aims to become the go-to source for European short films.


A crowd funding app for nonprofits focusing on daily donations.


DebugMe is a visual feedback, bug tracking and project management service.


Drungli is an adventure generator for spontaneous people. A user-centered new approach to flight search for budget travelers with flexible plans and hungry for experience.


Remove the IT frictions of website localization


EDMdesigner is the most flexible drag and drop responsive email builder for teams.


Protect your brand, multiply your digital advertising ROI.


Feedstripes is a new alternative to Google Reader. It shows your online media sources in one filterable, easy to read news feed.


Founded in 2009, Flan-Technologies is a privately owned company providing high quality, innovative, web-based software products and customized technology solutions.


fullXS is your online toolbox to create unique mobile apps complete with videos, texts and graphics in a matter of hours without any programming.


Fundacity connects startups and investors. Investors can evaluate startups and monitor the growth of their investments.


Funspotter will help you and your partner to recapture the feelings of your best dates and make it part of your everyday relationship.


GraviTalent applies serious gaming, cognitive science and big data to revolutionize the way companies recruit, retain and develop talent.

Gravity R&D

Gravity is a personalization engine vendor offering exceptional algorithmic portfolio built into multiple products and advanced analytics skills/capabilities to drive revenue growth now and into the future for online only, and bricks and mortar companies.


that uses ultra-violet light and digital imaging to visualize the effectiveness of hand-washing in medical environments. It highlights disinfected versus unaffected areas.


At Healcloud, we are working to transform the quality of care and healthcare data informatics across Europe – and beyond.


IdeaPool, a Hungarian firm specialized in intelligent packaging and shelf-life indicators.


iGlue is designed to "wikify" web pages, enhancing them with a rich layer of multimedia information.


iGO is a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation software package for personal digital assistants (PDA) and personal navigation assistants (PNA) devices.


iLandGuide is a free, all-in-one travel guide application for smartphones featuring tons of practical information, detailed maps, hundreds of interesting places, events and promotions.


IndexTools offers web analytics software with a focus on delivering a highly customizable and scalable analytics platform.


Indivizo is a competency-based video interview platform, developed by HR consultants for HR specialists to simplify and speed up the selection process.


InstApp is a smartphone event-app creator tool. The free system features a DIY interface to create mobile applications without coding, or offers its clients turnkey event-app solutions.


Intellio is the developer of a new generation of advanced video surveillance systems based entirely on smartcameras with real time video analytics on-board the cameras.


Internfish is an online database committed entirely to scholarships, internships and voluntary programs. Internfish is also a great community site for career building.


Joobili offers time-sensitive travel inspiration specific to your travel dates and interests. You say when, and we say where you can find the best travel experiences.

Karma Platform

Karma Platform enables customers to instantly transform existing spreadsheets into powerful business applications.


Kube is a six touchscreen interactive platform which runs applications visible and touchable in 360 degrees.


Laborom is a cloud based medical organiser to assist you during your therapy, making life with a chronic disease easier.


Leonar3Do transforms the 2D flat dimension of desktop computers and other devices into a real 3D work environment that allows realtime interaction with 3D objects.


Limes is a software for computer animation studios - currently in stealth mode.


At LiteUp, you can post short, 5-minute videos in which you explain school topics in an informal, entertaining way and thereby make education much more adapted to our needs.


LogMeIn is a leading provider of on-demand, remote-connectivity solutions to mobile operators, handset OEMs, small and medium businesses, IT service providers and consumers.


MadBarz is the only mobile application you need for your workouts! Free workouts, plans, progress statistics, community, motivation.


MailMill understands the contents of your email, adds context, pictures, color and presents them as rich, colorful experiences, making them reviewable by a human.

Maven 7

Influencer targeting


Metta is a new visual storytelling tool, which enables users to bring together video, text and interactive polls into a single multimedia package.


Mixgar is a social jukebox. It streams music to venues and parties and allows users to log in and influence the playlists.


AI in enterprise decision making


Mobile app builder for festivals, conferences, trade shows, program guides, open days and similar events. Apps for iOS and Android.


MotoGlobe is providing services for motorcyclists in a unique form.

Multipass Solutions

Transforming traditional data extraction from paper forms and documents through micro-tasking and crowdsourcing.


Neostratus creates cloud providers by assisting white-label partners and direct end-users to realize and implement their cloud strategies.


We show what the web thinks


Noispot develops and sells background music service for restaurants and bars. The service enables users to listen to music using their mobile phones.


Established in 2016 as a European software and hardware developing company, we found our niche in Smart Home segment.


Ntice lets you discover who like you at the next event you’re going to. In just a few clicks you will be able to see who will be there and with whom you might have a mutual attraction.


Omixon provides software for analysis based on genomic data. Omixon designed its software solutions for helping diagnostic labs to adopt next generation sequencing.


OpenGastro is a publishing tool for food outlets. Restaurants can display and update their menus, special offers, opening hours from one page. is a cloud-based meeting note taking SaaS that helps managers keep their teams accountable.


Giving industrial robots the sense of touch - so that they can automate further tasks, requiring the dexterity of the human hand.


Pagerider is an easy to use tool to create visitor attracting applications for your Facebook pages. Make your Facebook page unique with Pagerider.


Piqniq is an app for sharing homemade food, allowing us all to peek into each other’s kitchens and discuss, exchange, or even buy food from one another.

Plan B Labs

Plan B Labs is a mobile game developer studio, makers of gamified language learning tools for vocabulary building: ThinkInvisible and LearnInvisible.


Plays.IO can track how many times your media content has been played online, no matter how many versions exist on different media sharing platforms.

Pocket Guide

Pocketguide is a mobile service offering audio tours with voice navigation presenting the best locations and insider tips to the most hip and cultural cities in Europe.


Freelancing is hard. PowerLancer makes iteasier for you. We are creating the ultimate project management tool for freelancers who work alone.


Prezi is an interactive communication tool that helps you organize, present, and share your ideas.


Pubify is a SaaS solution for ebooks - which helps publishers to easily publish their books with only one click in all ebook stores worldwide.

Quantified Company

Supporting agile organizational development: Engagement, Empowerment, EQ.


Quargo is a tool that allows you to visualize the fictional, merge it with the real world and then takes photos to capture these moments in time.


Radoop is a a big data analytics company making it easier to analyze data stored in Apache Hadoop.


real5D brings blueprints to life by building 3D, walkable virtual models of real estate properties. We are enabling the brokers to meet clients inside these properties.


Our product, SmartSocket is a revolutionally automatic tool for commercial building owners to decrease electrical costs and increase safety at the same time.


Remotaid allows your doctor monitor your baby’s heart rate from the comfort of your own home.


Replise's search engine and analytics software delivers near real-time information and competitive intelligence on Web2.0 content across domestic and international markets.


oboPhone is an educational tool, a robot for playful and creative learning of programming, using an iPhone as its brain.


Samebug is a platform where developers can find and share solutions to software problems (crashes).

Scarab Research

Scarab Research provides highly personalized recommendations engine for e-commerce businesses to generate relevant product offers for consumers.


Shapr3D is the world's first professional 3D CAD application to run on an iPad Pro.


ShokaMe makes road sharing safe between bikes and cars. It's a position beacon for bikes and a blind spot radar for cars. Get your proximity alerts via audio, haptic or visual feedback.

Shop Dash

ShopDash brings online shopping to tablets and lets users shop across many online retailers in one convenient and easy-to-use app.


Sighter is a game of photography based urban treasure hunt. Download Sighter to your phone and uncover the secrets of the world around you.


Integrated data processing solutions for e-commerce companies.


Smartdrive connects your car and phone wirelessly to access analytics and drive smarter. It is a small hardware and a smartphone application with a web dashboard.


SnapClip is an online video editing platform that helps creatives create videos in a browser, while our powerful cloud servers do the heavy lifting behind the curtains.


SongArc is a social music game for mobile devices with a gameplay that brings you intimately close to the music.


Sopreso are searching for new ways of communication between speakers and audiences. Their product lets the audience reflect on the presentations in real-time.


The fastest, easiest, fun new way to sort all your mobile photos with one single finger.


Sportwavez is a sports team management site helping users to discover a completely new experience while organizing their sportlife.


To fast growing ecommerce and media companies, SpringTab is the goto social analytics tool that - unlike recommendation engines and retargeting tools -, provides personalized experience based on the visitor's explicit Facebook interests in order to convers


Daily Fantasy Soccer for the Global Market


Stockfresh is a stock photo and vector catalog created by a small team of internet professionals with over 15 years of experience in photography.


Synaptel’s solution creates the possibility to monitor, track, and retrieve mobile contents due to the direct, central management and recording of corporate mobile devices.

Syncee automatically updates and synchronizes your products on popular e-commerce platforms from various external data sources.


Synetiq provides businesses with valuable emotional insights about their marketing material directly from their customers’ brain.


TalentScreener automates the applicant screening and hiring process. A complete solution for employers to evaluate and administer candidates.


Talentsiftr offers a Psychometric Test Suite and an online Assessment Delivery Platform that helps you select the right candidate while promoting your employer brand.


Make an appointment on the go, while commuting to work, waiting for your coffee, during commercial breaks while watching your favorite TV show, or anywhere you are on your smart phone or tablet.


TaxiLike assists Passengers being connected to Taxi Companies and Drivers with 2 clicks and order a taxi without phone call.


Tep is the combination of a tamagotchi and a sport tracker mobile application. Keep alive your virtual pet by your physical activities!


TestJockey is a beta testing and user analytics platform for mobile app developers that monitors the behavior of their users as they are interacting with the apps.

THX Games

THX Games is an online game designer-developer and publishing company. Its goal is to deliver enriching games that combine fun and facts.


TrafficNav is a TMC enabled navigation device offers more than just planning your route. It will warn you of traffic problems and will show their extent on the map.


TrainedOn is the most dynamic way to plan your training, organise your materials and manage your training collaborations.


Transround completely separates the localization work from the software development process ensuring streamlined change management.


End-to-end encryption in the cloud


TruckIN helps freight forwarders forecast truck capacity and carriers to get matched with drivers and loads.


Ustream is the world’s fastest-growing and largest live streaming platform with over 50 million unique monthly viewers and a network of produced and user-generated content.


Lockdown brings a unique and exciting puzzle solving experience to Las Vegas. It is an opportunity to test your logical reasoning, mental finesse and intelligence with your friends and family.


Vidzor is an online interactive video platform that allows anyone to effortlessly create and publish interactive HTML5 videos on the web.

Virtual Call Center

Virtual Call Center provides one of the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art cloud-based call centre software solutions in Europe.

Webcam Laboratory

WebCam Laboratory is a software that allows you to observe things and phenomena that have always been there around you, but that you haven't had the chance to recognize.


Webee is your social search tool and diary for life. It is designed not to replace the functionality of the origin sites but to serve as your real-time review and tracking tool.


Yappp allows anyone to create promotions on Facebook with ready-made applications. Just set the parameters and publish your campaign.


Zinbox is a new email client which is a joy to use, saves you time and makes you more productive. It's easy to setup and it works with your existing Gmail account.


Ziteboard is a zoomable online whiteboard with realtime collaboration and simple teamworking to visualize your ideas, enhance your meetings, improve your tutoring sessions and design together.


Zuppaa is a “social discovery” page where people with the same interests can form groups. Unique of its kind, the the service is available in various languages of the CEE region.